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Does Our Administration Want New Jobs?

January 19, 2012

How does this sound?

  • A $13 billion construction project that’s ready to begin.
  • 13,000 new construction jobs.
  • 7,000 manufacturing jobs.
  • Increased economic activity along a 1,661 mile route through the central United States.
  • An additional 1.3 million barrels of oil per day from a friendly neighbor, rather than from the not so friendly Middle East.
  • Requires no government “stimulus”.

All of this is possible with the approval of the Keystone Gulf Coast Expansion Project, a 1,661 pipeline project that would deliver Canadian crude oil to Port Arthur, Texas.  This pipeline would be built by TransCanada Corporation.

Canada’s National Energy Board provided its approval for the project in 2010.  In March 2011, the US Department of State committed to delivering a definitive decision by the end of the year.  It has yet to do so.  And today, President Obama rejected the pipeline proposal, saying a February 2012 deadline set by Congress would not allow sufficient time for review.  This is consistent with the President’s general attitude toward fossil fuels.

How many times have you heard that we need to reduce or eliminate our reliance on imported oil from unfriendly governments.  In fact, you have heard the President state this goal.  This project actually is a significant step toward that goal.  While we need to continue the development of fossil fuel alternatives, the pipeline project is available today.

As for concerns about the environmental impact of the pipeline, by all means, proper environmental review is necessary.  There were similar concerns when the trans-Alaska pipeline was built and it has proven to be safe.  The Keystone project has been designed with the latest technology and exceeds all current requirements for safety and monitoring systems.

Finally, TransCanada has made it clear that this oil will be extracted and, if not delivered to the US, it will be delivered to other buyers, most likely China.  Of course, this issue will be a hot topic for the upcoming presidential election.  Rightly so since the current administration has no energy policy this will provide the voters with an opportunity to help shape one.  You can find additional details regarding our energy opportunities at Vote4Energy.


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