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Armed Guards in Every School

December 23, 2012

In response to the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, the NRA has proposed “National School Shield”, a program to put armed guards in every school in the United States.  This is not a new proposal from the NRA.  Charlton Heston, the former head of this organization, made a similar pitch following the 1999 Colombine High School massacre in Colorado.

OK kids, here’s your lesson for today:

If someone threatens you with a stick, bring a knife.

If they bring a knife, you bring a pistol.

If they bring a pistol, you bring a semi-automatic rifle.

If they bring a semi-automatic rifle, you bring a semi-automatic rifle converted to fully automatic with high capacity clip*.

If they bring a semi-automatic rifle converted to fully automatic with high capacity clip, you bring a rocket launcher or grenade launcher.

*It’s easy to obtain these items at Walmart or a gun show near you.

I’ve seen reported that the NRA has approximately 4 million members.  By the way, I’ve also read that their membership has been growing by some 8,000 new members per day since the killings in Newtown.  This is a country of some 300 million citizens, yet these 4 million NRA members have our politicians paralyzed at the prospect of opposing their unflinching and extreme interpretation of the Second Amendment to the Consitution.  Apparently, their version of “the right to bear arms” has no limitations on the killing capacity of those arms.

There’s got to be a substantial number of the other 296 million of us that oppose the absurd proliferation of the mass killing devices we allow to flourish.

Over the past week, people around the country have been showering gifts on Newtown.  Some 60,000 teddy bears, children’s toys and cash contributions have overwhelmed local organizations.  The people sending these gifts are trying to find some way to express their grief at such an unthinkable tragedy.  If we can channel enough of this sentiment into letting our politicians know that it’s OK for them to oppose the continued escalation of our gun culture then I feel that we can make meaningful progress.  Perhaps we need an organization specifically tasked with breaking the stranglehold of the NRA.  The effort will require organization and money at a level to at least match that of the NRA.  They line the pockets of politicians with about $3.1 million per year.  Much more than that has already been sent to Newtown.  This tells me that the money is available to finance an effort to oppose unfettered gun growth.  We simply need to hold onto our outrage for a little longer than it takes for the news of this tragedy to fade from the headlines.

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