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I “retired” at the end of 2010.  Why the quotes around “retired”?  I’m not sure.  I guess I’m still not comfortable with that description.  Fill in the blank next to occupation on a form:  Retired.  I don’t know, just doesn’t sound right.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not one of those people who starts a second career after leaving their job of 30 or 40 years.  When I stopped working, it was for the purpose of not working any more.

We wanted to travel…a lot.  In fact, more or less travel full time.  I have another blog that we use to keep track of where we’ve been.  In this blog I wanted to be able to express thoughts and ideas regarding business and investing.  And, it seems increasingly you can’t discuss those topics without also discussing government.

I welcome your feedback and critique.

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